Lark Announces Smaller Version of Its Tunable Band Pass Filter

Earlier this year Lark announced its “Drop-In” replacement for the Pole Zero Maxi-Pole® series. Lark is now announcing a smaller version of the Tunable Band Pass Filter family. The Tunable Band Pass Filter in the Surface Mount (SMT) configuration will measure 1.6" (W) X 0.60" (H) X 2.4” (L).

According to Bob Swelgin, president of Smart Electronics and Lark Engineering, "Reduction in the physical dimensions of our entire family of Filters and RF Sub-assemblies has become paramount in meeting our customers’ needs. The reduction of the Tunable Filter size is no exception. Coaxial Bandpass Filter

Lark Announces Smaller Version of Its Tunable Band Pass Filter

Tunable Band Pass & Notch Filters: Larks Engineering’s digital control filters are a new upcoming series of fast switching variable frequency filters that can facilitate designs for IFF, Jammer and frequency hopping applications. The tunable filters provide a less complicated alternative to controlling and encrypting signals while maintaining a smaller profile.

Lark’s extensive tunable band pass and notch filter products span frequency ranges of 1.5 to 2200MHz. The existing designs provide a proven engineering foundation to work with our customers in developing custom specific tunable filters in the frequency bands:

Contact: Fred Little VP Sales & Marketing (M): (949) 887-9695

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Lark Announces Smaller Version of Its Tunable Band Pass Filter

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