Dog sun visors are available at Walmart

Pups, like people, need the proper equipment to fully be able to enjoy their time in the sun. Sure, they might not need to cover themselves in sunscreen like we do (they aren't quite as prone as we are to sun damage) but they still need some protection from the sun's brightest rays — or at least, their eyes do. Your pooch's eyes are incredibly sensitive to light, especially if they have light-colored fur and blue eyes (like some huskies, Australian shepherds, border collies and other breeds). Your dog probably won't want anything to do with your shades, so a visor is the next best thing.

The Esho Pet Visor comes in several sizes pending on the color of your (or Fido's) choice, so your pup can look stylish regardless of their size. The hat is made entirely out of cotton, has an adjustable chin strap, and easily sits on your beloved pooch's head without compromising their sight or hearing. It's perfect for a pool day, beach trip or going on a hike, though it can be cute just as an accessory for your pup's next big photo op. Canvas Tote Bags With Zipper

Dog sun visors are available at Walmart

The hat works best on pups with floppy ears, though the chin strap can help secure it in place for dogs with short, vertical or otherwise less flexible ears. The hat also comes in nine colors and prints, including rainbow stripe, floral and leopard print. This just might be the most stylish Fido has ever looked!

The generous visor promises to provide plenty of shade, plus it looks just like a human baseball cap, albeit way cuter.

Do they come in human sizes?

Dog sun visors are available at Walmart

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