All About the Stunning New Sets of 'And Just Like That'

PEOPLE chatted with production designer Miguel Lopez-Castillo about the fabulous new season 2 sets on the Max original series

Carrie Bradshaw can hand over her crown when it comes to having the most impressive closet in the Sex and the City universe.  Modern Suspension Lighting

All About the Stunning New Sets of 'And Just Like That'

Fans of the Max original series got to revisit the stories — and homes — of Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) when the series' spinoff And Just Like That dropped in 2021. 

In season two, which premiered June 22, viewers got a closer look at the private spaces of some equally fabulous new characters, like Charlotte’s best friend Lisa (Nicole Ari Parker) and her husband Herbert (Christopher Jackson), and Carrie’s realtor-turned-confidant Seema (Sarita Choudhury). 

In an exclusive chat with PEOPLE, production designer Miguel Lopez-Castillo spilled all the secrets behind these characters’ luxe spaces seen for the first time in season 2. 

PEOPLE: Lisa and Herbert have completely opposite aesthetics. How were you able to capture that contrast in their closets?

Miguel Lopez-Castillo: We wanted something much more personal that reflected both Lisa's artistic sensibilities and the desire for comfort through bespoke elegance. Herbert is very business-like. Everything is in neat rows, color coded and grab-and-go. He needs to look great, but in a very conservative way. But Lisa is very colorful and she really manifests so many looks and styles. She uses a lot of wigs so there's an area with scarves, garments, shoes and bags. And there had to be a home office for Lisa. A very tiny little private space that she has carved out to herself.  

PEOPLE: The colorful chandelier really is the jewel of Lisa’s closet. What inspired you to include that in the set?

Lopez-Castillo: The Murano glass chandelier actually gave us a big key to the color palette that we wanted in all the other furniture. We saw it, we loved it, we bought it, and then we had to wait because it was coming from Hungary. We didn't even know if it would arrive in time! 

PEOPLE: Did you come across any challenges with their closets during the design process?

Lopez-Castillo: The door between their closets became a big feature, and that was a very complicated thing to build. It's a big tufted leather door that’s brown on Herbert's side and white on Lisa's side. It's double hinged like a kitchen restaurant door so you can push in either direction. We had to find this very specific hardware because it became heavy and we needed it to be easy for anyone to push. The show’s creator, Michael Patrick King, wanted it for the comedic value with people just barging in and interrupting Lisa. 

PEOPLE: What was the inspiration behind Seema’s space?

Lopez-Castillo: The idea here is that she has a duplex on the top two floors of a townhouse that she has gifted to herself. That indeed is a property that she saw as part of her work [as a luxury realtor], maybe she even showed it to a client, and then bought it for herself. It's very luxe and plush and comforting. It’s an older townhouse with an Art Deco style of architecture. Something out of a 1930s movie set. Sexy, soft surfaces — a place where she can really just be herself. 

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PEOPLE: What personal touches did you add to the space to really make it Seema’s?

Lopez-Castillo: There's a French cigarette poster in the hallway, and that's all about: Whoever smokes in bed these days? Well, Seema. It’s part of the whole allure of her sexy personality. One of those things that I said, ‘No, no, it has to be a cigarette poster of some sort.’ There's also photos that we asked Sarita to give us of her family because we thought the character would have very personal things like that. They're just framed photos in the bookcases.

All About the Stunning New Sets of 'And Just Like That'

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