Precoat Metals expands Granite City manufacturing site |

GRANITE CITY, Ill. — The largest independent metal coil coater in North America, based in St. Louis with 13 factories nationwide, is expanding its Granite City manufacturing site by 53,000 square feet to meet the higher demand for steel.

Town and Country-based Precoat Metals, which coats and paints a range of metal coils including steel, aluminum and galvanized, is expanding one of its two Granite City manufacturing plants, Midwest Metal Coatings, due to higher demand for the heavy-gauge steel produced in that factory. Construction started last week, with plans to finish by the end of 2022. The cost of the project was not disclosed. ppgi coil manufacturer

Precoat Metals expands Granite City manufacturing site |

The 90,000-square-foot Granite City MMC site at 9 Konzen Court, in operation since 1999, applies coatings and film laminates to steel and aluminum coils.

Industrial warehouses and distribution centers being built across the country use its heavy-gauge steel, a spokesperson said, adding that the Las Vegas Raiders' new stadium and a transit station near Los Angeles also used them.

As demand for the heavier steel has increased over the last year, the company has run out of space to store it. The expansion includes extensions to the existing building on property at the site already owned by Precoat.

Most of the expansion, about 48,000 square feet, comes from adding warehouse space to store those finished steel products. Another 5,000 square feet will improve truck access, allowing three trucks to load products instead of the current space for one. Together, the enhanced truck access and greater storage capacity should lead to more efficiency and production capacity, the company said.

“We are building this expansion because the customers are asking for it. They want it because the MMC team is doing a great job, and we are going to give the team better tools to please the customers,” Vice President of Operations Patrick Connelly said. “Precoat Metals turned 60 years old this year, and we are building towards the future of the company.”

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Precoat Metals expands Granite City manufacturing site |

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