Dog Gets Popular 'Squishmallow' Toy and Is Completely Obsessed

Kids all over the world have fallen in love with Squishmallows, a round and soft plush toy that comes in a variety of characters. When one dog received one wrapped up in gift paper, she instantly became obsessed with it.

This cute little dog just made a new best friend. She’s seen carrying it around in her mouth everywhere and doesn’t seem to want to put it down! Plush Stuffed Animals

Dog Gets Popular

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These toys are easy to become obsessed with. Many kids who have them have an entire collection of them. Before long, this dog might have a collection of them, too, given how much she loves hers.

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This dog is so gentle with her Squishmallow toy. One commenter said how her dog would have ripped it to shreds in no time. Not for this pooch! She’s guarding her toy with her life.

The poster of the video on Instagram captioned it as, “This is your sign to get your dog a Squishmallow.” Every dog should get one, even the small dogs. They are a great little toy for your companion, who will probably protect it at all costs like the dog in the video.

While it’s hard to tell what animal the Squishmallow is, we believe that it is a monkey. The dog has it in her mouth the entire time, so it’s difficult to tell for sure!

There’s no telling just how long the dog carried the toy in her mouth for, but it was probably until she went to sleep that night. She probably slept with it, too!

We can’t get enough of the dog’s look in her eyes at the end of the video. She looks extremely satisfied with her new present.

This dog parent should consider this a job well done. The dog clearly is obsessed with the toy, walking around with it in her mouth everywhere.

Another commenter on the video said they have never seen another lab treat a toy like a baby like she does. She’s definitely motherly toward the toy!

Dog Gets Popular

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