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Husky’s new HyPET Complete is a connected production cell for molding preforms developed to address ongoing challenges faced by food and beverage packaging producers.

At Gulfood Manufacturing 2022 in Dubai, Husky Technologies debuted the HyPET Complete—a full manufacturing cell for the production of PET preforms billed by the company as the industry’s only complete, end-to-end, connected production system. Husky says HyPET Complete is built around its latest generation of HyPET systems, including those tailored for the production of rPET, and it includes a purpose-built drying solution, optimized energy management, enhanced melt control, automated mold cleaning, integrated part quality inspection, and more. Injection Mould Maker

Complete End-to-End PET Preform Production |               Plastics Technology

The company says this complete cell will help food and beverage packaging producers better deal with current market issues, including rising energy and material costs; supply chain fluctuations; skilled labor shortages; and demands to be more sustainable.

HyPET Complete applies an end-to-end approach incorporating factory planning and tooling lifecycle optimization, workforce training and development, a fully digitized delivery model and OEM parts, as well as the company’s Advantage+Elite predictive remote-monitoring platform.

Designed to enable producers to navigate through today’s most prevalent challenges, HyPET Complete is particularly relevant to producers who are looking for more energy efficient manufacturing processes and packaging materials, such as PET, to offset fluctuating costs.

Husky Technologies debuted the HyPET Complete at Gulfood Manufacturing 2022 in Dubai this November. Photo Credit: Husky Technologies

Modifications to the common core pin can be a simple solution, but don’t expect all resins to behave the same. Gas assist is also worth a try.

One of the more prominent trends in processing is the need for higher plastic pressures to mold parts.

If you were buying an injection molding machine 20 years ago, you had to decide between a toggle or fully hydraulic clamp and that was pretty much it.

Complete End-to-End PET Preform Production |               Plastics Technology

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