The cloud-based metal software INVEX contains features for steel and metal Tube Mills that produce metal tubes and pipe from slit coils. The INVEX metal ERP includes a highly optimized set of special production recording functions that include slit coil charging and tube production recording, which are designed to accommodate the fast-paced manufacturing process normally associated with pipe and tube mills.

The INVEX Tube production system includes special features for Tube & Pipe production that enables Heat and Tag traceability and test results recording. The production system also accommodates multi-step requirements for material that requires additional processing such as sawing, drilling or other processes, including outside processing. The production system enables operators to add slit coils to the Production Job as they are mounted to the Tubing Line. As each slit coil is mounted, the INVEX production system dynamically calculates the number of bundles that can be produced from the slit coil based on the packaging (pieces per bundle) requirements. To eliminate the need to combine production from different slit coils, the application can also automatically combine production from two slit coils into a single bundle. Metal Furring Strips

Cloud Based Metal ERP INVEX Functions for Pipe & Tube Mills

After Tube Production in the warehouse, the bundles can be passed through a Quality & Testing Process in INVEX that enables the quality staff to perform the mechanical tests on the size and heat. The quality results are all applied to the all the bundles of the same size produced from a single heat via INVEX functions to record the test results. Results can be validated against the desired standard such as ASTM-A500 Grade B for accuracy. Once approved, the bundles are ready to ship. Test Certificates that would be automatically printed or emailed at shipping, would include the original Chemical Analysis from the master coil and the new Test Results.

INVEX enables welded-tube and pipe mills a comprehensive turnkey solution built on top-tier technology. Move your pipe and tube company forward with INVEX ERP.

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